Pelt against corona

Dear Peltenaar

The number of coronavirus infections is rising sharply. Unfortunately, also in Pelt.

Over the past few weeks, a number of schools in Pelt have already closed their doors. Pubs and restaurants must also remain closed for the time being. Cultural and associative life is virtually at a standstill. In a few week’s time, hospitals may no longer be able to help all patients. Elsewhere in our country, emergency hospitals are being built.

Together, we need to reduce the number of infections, and this is why:

  • We want children to go to school, as it’s important for their development and well-being. The closure of some schools in Pelt last week left 800 children at home. As a result, parents can experience difficulties at work.
  • We want shops and businesses to remain open as much as possible.
  • We want to prevent that people get lonely. A full lockdown would move a lot of people back into loneliness.
  • We want everyone ’who’s ill to receive medical help. If the number of infections continues to rise, there won’t be enough beds and enough healthcare personnel to help everyone.

How can you help?

The virus is currently omnipresent in our community. It likes to jump from one person to another: at work, at school, in organizations, at the sports club and in families. That’s why it is vitally important that, in the next few weeks, you meet as few people as possible next to your close family members.

Keep in touch with your relatives by calling them or sending them a message.

Do you have a meeting? Postpone it or meet online.

Would you like to visit a neighbour or friend? Give him a call instead.

Are you unsure whether an activity is allowed under the current measures? Postpone your activity. It’s better not to meet others for a while. Don’t be creative in circumventing the rules.

Wash your hands, keep a distance of at least 1.5 metres and wear a face mask.

Do you need help?

Are you often alone due to the current situation and in need of a chat? Or are you unable to get to the pharmacist or the shop? Call us on 011 94 94 99 or send an e-mail to We will always try to help you.

We can only get through this together. The municipality thanks you for your cooperation! #samentegencorona

What if you are ill?

If you have one of the following symptoms, immediately stay at home and contact your GP by telephone:

  • cold-like symptoms
  • coughing
  • respiratory problems
  • fever
  • sudden loss of taste and smell (without nasal congestion)
  • sudden fatigue
  • severe, watery diarrhoea

Your GP will tell you whether or not you need to be tested for Covid. Always follow your GP’s advice promptly.

What if the result of your Covid test is positive?

  • You must stay at home for at least 7 days, counting from the beginning of your symptoms. You may only leave your house when you haven’t had a fever for at least 3 days and your symptoms have clearly improved.
  • Those living in your household and people you had close contact with should quarantine for 10 days. This means they must stay at home for 10 days without receiving visitors, counting from the last contact with the infected person. After that, they have to be extra careful for another 4 days and limit their contacts.

What if you have been in contact with a person that tested positive for COVID-19?

Were you in contact with an infected person for more than 15 minutes at less than 1.5 metres? If so, you are a high-risk contact and must quarantine for 10 days, with another 4 days of extra vigilance afterwards.

Do you have symptoms of disease during quarantine? Call your GP. Your GP will tell you whether you must undergo a Covid test.

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